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How our system works?

8 AM Monday

Get an idea in the shower Monday morning for a new offer.

9 AM Monday

Through your personal dashboard, you provide basic information and copy. Add as much or as little creative direction as you want. Leave the rest to us!

8 AM Wednesday

We design and deliver the first draft for you to review and leave notes.

12 PM Wednesday

You provide any feedback or questions to your project manager over Slack. We revise until it’s perfect.

5 PM Wednesday

It’s beautiful. You love it. You jump for joy in your kitchen. Once a design is completed, you receive all of the files you need and the source files with 100% ownership of the assets.

10 AM Friday

Your landing page is now up on your website, working perfectly, connected to your funnel, and ready to make you sweet, sweet cash.

10:01 AM Friday

Now let's check the results and analytics togather. We will create you a daily, weekly and mounthly reports.


If you want to find out how long the project will take... give us a call!